Our Beliefs
We believe in God, our Parent, who created all things seen and unseen. God is revealed to us through the person of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit, an inward personal presence in our lives.
We believe God loves us and desires a relationship with each of us so that we may become whole.
We believe the Bible to be the inspired authoritative Word of God. God, through the Bible, reveals God’s desires and direction for each of us.
We believe that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God and we are redeemed by God’s grace.
We believe God gave us Jesus Christ whose life, death and resurrection saves us. We believe in the redemptive work of Christ on the cross and that one day, He will return.
We believe Jesus Christ’s steadfast love and strength help us to fully experience the joys and overcome the suffering in our lives.
We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
Be believe Jesus values children and youth. Jesus wants them to be nurtured faithfully.
We believe God wants us to do justice and to have mercy for all people, because all people matter to God.
We believe in the Sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper.